Alive Student Ministries

Alive Student Ministries

I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance. —John 10:10b (CSB)

ALIVE Student Ministries is geared toward  Middle and High School students (6th-12th grade) and their families. Students are challenged to come to Jesus so that their lives are so flooded with His abundant life that this life flows into the lives of others around them. Our passion is Moving Students from Passive Observers to Active Participants in their Faith, to the Glory of God, the Advancement of His Kingdom and the Healing of the World .

We pray that your student will be blessed by the truth of God’s Word, meaningful relationships, vibrant worship and humble service. If you have any questions, contact Kyle Thompson @


Bible Reading Challenge – August 2020

The goal is to have all fourteen days’ readings finished before September 1. Start when you can. Take breaks if you need to. But do your best to have read each reading before the end of August! There is a brief thought and reflection question included with each reading. Try and be specific when you answer the reflection questions for yourself! Some readings have memory verses attached to them. See how many of those you can memorize!

Day 1: John 1:19-28

John the Baptist helped prepare the world for Jesus’ coming. How can you prepare the world for His second coming?

Day 2: John 1:29-34 [Memorize John 1:29]

Jesus was came to take away the world’s sins. Do you remember to regularly bring your sins to Jesus and ask His forgiveness?

Day 3: John 1:35-42

When Andrew met Jesus he went and told his brother Simon about Him. Who do you need to bring to Jesus?

Day 4: John 1:43-51

Nathanael was amazed that Jesus knew what he was thinking about while he was thinking under the fig tree. What amazing thing has Jesus done in your life this week?

Day 5: John 3:14-21 [Memorize John 3:16]

Jesus tells us that God loves the world and sent Jesus to save the world. Do you love people in the world like Jesus does?

Day 6: John 3:25-30

John tells his followers that he must decrease so Jesus can increase. Do you live your life in a way that points others to Jesus instead of to yourself?

Day 7: John 6:35  [Watch this VIDEO: John – Part 1]

Jesus says He is the “bread of life” because He gives us life like food gives us life. How is Jesus better at giving us life than bread (or food in general)?

Day 8: John 8:12

Jesus is the “light of the world” because He shines light on our lives, showing us the truth. Do you look to Jesus for the truth about life and issues you face in the world?

Day 9: John 10:7-10

Jesus is “the gate” because He is the only way to get to heaven. Is there anyone you need to point “the gate” out to so they can have eternal life?

Day 10: John 10:11-13 [Memorize John 10:10-11]

Jesus is “the good shepherd” because He cares for us and protects us. Do you have anything in your life that you need to talk to Jesus about, knowing He cares for you?

Day 11: John 11:25-26

Jesus is the “resurrection and the life” because He can give us life that lasts forever. Do you let this truth comfort you when you get anxious about life and its situations?

Day 12: John 14:6-7  [Watch this VIDEO: John – Part 2]

Jesus is the “way the truth and the life” because He shows us the way to God and to life. How focused are you on your relationship with Jesus?

Day 13: John 15:5-8

Jesus is “the vine” because He is our source of life and He helps us live fruitful lives for God.  Are you depending on Jesus to help you live a life that shows God’s love to the world?

Day 14: John 17:20-23 [Memorize John 17:23]

Jesus wants His followers to be unified and at peace with one another. Are you committed to being at peace with others in your life?

All of our videos are archived and can be accessed HERE.