Alive Student Ministries

Alive Student Ministries

I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance. —John 10:10b (CSB)

ALIVE Student Ministries is geared toward  Middle and High School students (6th-12th grade) and their families. Students are challenged to come to Jesus so that their lives are so flooded with His abundant life that this life flows into the lives of others around them. Our passion is Moving Students from Passive Observers to Active Participants in their Faith, to the Glory of God, the Advancement of His Kingdom and the Healing of the World .
We pray that your student will be blessed by the truth of God’s Word, meaningful relationships, vibrant worship and humble service. If you have any questions, contact Kyle Thompson @

Upcoming Events

July 18-25:  High School Mission Trip, Show-Me Christian Youth Home,
LaMonte, Missouri
For students entering ninth grade and older. Cost $80/student.
Contact Kyle for more information:


Bible Reading Challenge – July 2020

Day 1: Genesis 2:4-7 [MEMORIZE GENESIS 2:7]

Big Idea: God made humanity on purpose. We are not an accident or a mistake.

Question for Reflection: What does it mean to you that God made you on purpose, because He wanted you to exist?

Day 2: Genesis 2:8-9; 15-17

Big Idea: God made humanity with a place (Eden) and a purpose (to work the garden/watch over it). Your place and purpose in this world come from God, not anyone/anything else.

Question for Reflection: Are you ever tempted to look at others to tell you what your purpose in life is?

Day 3: Genesis 2:18-25 [MEMORIZE GENESIS 2:23-24]

Big Idea: God created you to experience and enjoy relationships with others.

Question for Reflection: Do you take time to consider that your relationships are gifts from God?

Day 4: Genesis 3:1-7

Big Idea: Satan (the serpent) made Eve doubt that God’s plan for her was enough. Satan works to make us believe that God is holding out on us and keep us from enjoying life fully.

Question for Reflection: Is it ever hard to trust that God has your best interests in mind?

Day 5: Genesis 3:8-13

Big Idea: Adam immediately blamed Eve for his sin. Sin introduces broken trust and hurt relationships.

Question for Reflection: How does broken trust hurt relationships?

Day 6: Genesis 3:14-15 [MEMORIZE GENESIS 3:15]

Big Idea: God curses the devil by making it known that one day the devil’s head will be crushed. This is a promise to fix everything that sin messed up.

Question for Reflection: How does it make you feel to know that God is on your side and is working for you?

Day 7: Genesis 3:16

Big Idea: Sin brings tensions into relationships- Even a relationship as close as marriage!

Question for Reflection: How can rivalry damage relationships?

 Day 8: Genesis 3:17-19

Big Idea: Sin brings death but God’s promise to crush the serpent’s head means that he even promises to fix the problem of death.

Question for Reflection: How does it make you feel to know that God sent Jesus to save you from death?

Day 9: Genesis 3:20-21

Big Idea: God clothed Adam and Eve to cover their shame. He covers our shame when we come to Jesus.

Question for Reflection: Do you have anything in your life that you are ashamed of that you need God to cover?

Day 10: Genesis 3:22-24

Big Idea: Sin kept Adam and Eve from being able to eat from the Tree of Life.

Question for Reflection: Why do we sometimes fall for the lie that sin gives us a better life than what God has to offer?

Day 11: Genesis 4:1-7

Big Idea: Cain sinned by not really worshiping God. He didn’t have faith but only went through the motions because he felt like he had to (see Hebrews 11:4).

Question for Reflection: What barriers exist that sometimes make it hard for you to genuinely worship God?

Day 12: Genesis 4:8-12

Big Idea: Cain compared himself to Abel instead of looking to God for self-worth.

Question for Reflection: Why is it dangerous to look for self-worth by comparing yourself with others instead of finding it in God’s place and purpose for your life?

Day 13: Genesis 4:19-24

Big Idea: Lamech married two women and was a murderer, then wrote a song to brag about it (vs23-24).

Question for Reflection: How is being proud of “being bad” ultimately foolish?

Day 14: Genesis 4:25-26

Big Idea: Enosh was born into a corrupt and violent world. However, in the days of Enosh people began to call on God’s name again.

Question for Reflection: Would you describe yourself more as being influenced by the corruption and violence of the world or by calling on God’s name?

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