Family Devotions Outline

Family Devotions Outline

Family Devotions Outline

As Christian parents, we have been gifted with the wonderful responsibility of raising our children in the knowledge and instruction of the Lord. It is a responsibility we all feel, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to begin! Below is a suggested pattern for sharing devotions with your family. This is meant to be a tool to help frame your family devotions around. It is not a manual! As you find a pattern that works for you, stick with that! The goal is connected to God and His Word as a family. Adapt as needed. Blessings!

1) Worship

Considering singing a worship song or two to begin your devotional time together. If you don’t know any worship songs by heart, both lyrics and music can be found easily online. Singing has always been central to Christian worship. This is a great way to glorify God together. It also prepares the heart for hearing God’s Word.

2) Bible Reading

The central point to family devotions is spending time listening to God together through Bible reading. Depending on the age of children, it may be good to use a children’s devotional book during this time.

3) Prayer

It is important for families to pray together. Take time asking each person if there is anyone or anything they want to pray about, then pray for the needs that were shared.

Horsepasture CC has resources we can share or recommend being used for families during their devotional time. We’d love to make this as easy as possible for your family, so let us know if we can help!