MEETING AGENDA   |   MAY 5, 2022

  • Introduction of members. Expression of particular interests


  • A/V / Proclaim  Discuss current status, issues, needs (TC Tatum / Barry Brockway).
    TC advised that things are running smoothly in second service. Think there may be some need for help with Proclaim in first service (tbd).
  • HCC Newsletter (monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly?) (Dana Gearhart). See sample at
    This could be an excellent way to keep congregation up-to-date on current and future plans. Will likely start out as a quarterly publication. Available online and as a PDF download. Will produce print version for those who prefer.
  • Youth / Kids / Parents Communications  Need to review specific needs with Kyle and Jessica.
  • Website / Mobile App (Ron Adams). Need periodic review for suggestions to improve usability/functionality. Identify broken links and/or outdated information. Website is effectively conveying pertinent information. Some items on Events calendar should be more descriptive, i.e., Mother’s Day Breakfast. Some may not know it’s FREE. Will survey other sites for content ideas and strive for continuous improvement. Regarding mobile app, we suspect that a low percentage of congregation is using it. If this is the case we will probably discontinue this app in July.
  • Email Campaigns (mailchimp)  Need manager(s) for email campaigns/messages. Will purchase “Essentials” upgrade ($132/yr) to allow three seats with admin/permissions (see Essentials Plan). Ninety (90) members currently signed-up for email notifications. We’re continuing to assess how to best utilize email. Should only be used for important announcements and to create awareness of new offerings, e.g., the newsletter.
  • Welcome Stations   For new visitors/guests. Ideas to tie stations to website, e.g., could offer “bookmark” or “business card” with logo and brief message about who we are. This piece could have QR code that links to a “Welcome” landing page on web designed to pique interest. This page could feature an online form requesting contact information and permission to contact via email or text. Form would be forwarded to specified individuals for follow-up. Ron to follow-up with Kyle to assess specific needs in this area as well as signage.
  • Signage  Need new classroom signage (and probably other signage as well. Ron will meet with Kyle soon to evaluate and assess specific needs.


  • Parking Lot Sign  Need volunteer(s) to manage updates to sign. Jessica will handle Mother’s Day and Blood Drive. Contact Jessica for details (276-340-6312 / Need for volunteers should be in bulletin and maybe mentioned from pulpit. Will also add this as Highlight on the website.
  • Traditional Media (Mary Jordan). Ideas/concepts for promoting various communications needs. We discussed potential collateral items for visitors and newcomers, i.e., coffee mugs, pens, backpacks, with our logo. T-shirts with logo can be effective as well but, due to need for various sizes, can be expensive. Need to evaluate cost/benefit of any give-aways. We’re getting cost estimates. Mary will continue to utilize various “free” media (newspaper, radio, etc) to promote our “goings on.”
  • Evangelistic Outreach  Plan brainstorm session to generate ideas for reaching the unchurched/lost in our community. This should be a priority for us. Will review and evaluate best method for moving this forward.
  • Podcast  (Who? What? When?) This could be a powerful tool for communicating with various age groups. Will continue to assess for possible future implementation.
  • Resources / Reference (Take a look at these links and consider application for HCC)
  • Church Communications Guidebook



Looking forward to moving forward. The information below is from last year but may be useful for getting back up to speed. New info will be posted here.

NOTE: We discussed having a quarterly or monthly newsletter. We could easily accomplish this using a blog format. Here’s an example: Members could opt-in to receive newsletter via email. We could also produce a print version for the non-email crowd. Thoughts?

Where are we now? Where do we want to be? When?


Decisions per May 6 Meeting

Following points are in response to Key Objectives discussed at meeting (see Meeting – May 6 below).

(Please use Comment area below to add your 2-cents. Or send a group text via mobile app.

  1. Research new audio/video technology to potentially replace current equipment. Objective is to substantially improve quality of future A/V productions.
  2. We need to generate an updated list of members/regular attenders for future contact via text and email. Specific communications can then be sent to targeted groups.
  3. Teams were selected to work in specific areas: T.C. and Jerry will work with A/V needs; Mary will look into creating awareness of HCC using various forms of traditional media (PR, TV, Radio …); T.C. and Patti will assist Ron to website and app data current; Dana will be the Editor of our soon-to-be quarterly newsletter. She will recruit “reporters” to get the scoop from various nooks and crannies of HCC; assume Jessica and Jim will handle FB duties; Note: if any one else wants to help with a specific area(s), just jump on in!
  4. (Same as 2 above)
  5. Goal of implementing churchwide push notifications and messaging needs to be clearly communicated to congregation. Each person “invited” by a channel manager will need to accept invitation and turn-on notifications in their mobile app.
  6. A brainstorm session to generate ideas for reaching the “unchurched” and/or “lost” in and around our community should be a separate meeting. Stay tuned.
  7. We discussed upside/downside of “live” broadcast. Most viewers will likely watch services at their convenience. Enhanced quality can be achieved by uploading A/V files to a streaming service or embedding files on web or app rather than FB Live (which is currently beginning to “cancel” Christian content they don’t agree with).


Meeting – May 6

Here’s the most recent Strategy Document

Key Objectives

  1. Identify primary communications needs at HCC (video cameras, sound equipment). What do we need that we don’t currently have?
  2. Determine internal/external target groups (e.g., kids/parents, youth/parents, adults, seniors, seekers) and appropriate channels for reaching them effectively.
  3. Assign teams of 2-3 to focus on particular areas, i.e., website, Subsplash app, PowerPoint, video, photography, newsletter, news media (PR, newspapers, radio, signage, etc).
  4. Develop master list of members/regular attenders (using Church Management software) and build lists for targeted messaging. Check out MailChimp solution here.
  5. Set-up Subsplash Push Notifications and Messaging church-wide.
  6. Brainstorm opportunities for reaching the lost in our “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria.” Possibilities might include production and promotion of a weekly podcast (Dave, Kyle, …) or specific audio messages.
  7. Ensure that weekly sermons are recorded and posted to website and appropriate social media platforms.


We’ve got a team – so where do we go from here?

I was hoping to get everyone together for a Meet & Greet this month (January) but let’s wait til the Covid smoke clears a bit. No sense taking unnecessary chances, eh? Getting together in person is still the goal, but until then …


I’ve enabled Comments below. Please feel free to speak your mind about what needs to change. What needs to be added (or eliminated), etc.





  1. Ron

    We’re working to add audio sermons to website and mobile app for those who do not attend FM services. Messages will be archived and searchable by topic and/or keyword any time in future.

  2. Ron

    How about a monthly or quarterly newsletter? Online and PDF (printable). We could have “reporters” from various groups to make sure we’re adequately covering every area of interest. Anyone want to wear the Editor hat?

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