Graphic Standards

Graphic Standards

The Logo

Our logo is comprised of a symbol and a logotype. The symbol is a stylized H with a cross formed by the negative space.

The “official” color is blue. Hexidecimal (Hex) number (for web) is 578ea3. The RGB equivalent (for digital printing) is R: 87, G: 142, B: 163. Equivalent PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors will be provided for offset printing if needed. Logo can be reversed to white on colored backgrounds or, in cases where pages are printed in a single color (usually black), the logo does not have to be blue.

There are two basic configurations: The centered (three-line) version should be used wherever possible. The one-line version should be utilized only when space does not allow primary logo to be used.


NOTE: When resizing logo files to fit a layout, care should be taken to avoid altering logo elements by condensing, extending or skewing. The convention for scaling (resizing) a graphics file without distortion is to click and drag a corner handle of bounding box while holding down the Shift key.

Whenever possible, there should be an adequate amount of white (unused) space around the logo to help it adequately stand out from other elements. This stand-off space should be equal to, or preferably more than the width of one side of the H symbol. This distance, referred to as X in the illustration below, will vary based on logo size.

The logotype is a stylized form of the typeface Trajan Pro. The ligatures (combination of letterforms) in RS and AST in the word Horsepasture serves to shorten the word somewhat as well as make the presentation unique.

Ideal complementary fonts (to be used along with logo for signage, headlines, body copy, etc., are Adobe Garamond (serif) and Helvetica Neue (sans serif) or equivalents. Both of these fonts are available in different weights and styles. Care should be taken to minimize the number of fonts, sizes, and styles on a given layout.



Color Palette

     Primary [Hexidecimal (Hex) numbers shown in parentheses]

Blue (578ea3)


Purple (8e7ebf). .. Green (99c1b9).    Gold (f2d0aa).    Rose (d98d9a)

Typical Layout Formats

Tri-fold (to come)

Bi-fold (to come)

Poster (to come)